Horror/Thriller Flick Can Help You Reduce Weight

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's the weight loss advice that watching horror flicks can help you burn calories just by sitting down and watch horror movies.

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The flick had to be scary, the scarier the flick is the more calories to be burn. Here are some of the examples of the horror flick that can help you reduce weight:

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Has been found that it can burn to an average of 184 calories, close to the same amount as a half-hour walk.

  • JAWS
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STEVEN SPIELBERG'S 1975 Classic JAW was on the second best thriller, it can burn 161 calories.

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The controversial horror flick in 1974 THE EXORCIST, can burn 158 calories.

  • ALIEN(1979)
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Starring  Sigourney Weaver  and Tom Skerritt.  This ALIEN(1979) flick become the scariest movie ever made  for SCI-FI  category.  It can burn 152 calories.

  • SAW(2004)
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"Help! Someone help me! Is someone there? Hey! Oh shit, I'm probably dead".  This quote is much remembered in this flick called "SAW".  It can burn 133 calories.

Scientists at the University of Westminster tested ten people as they watched a selection of classic horror films.

They monitored the viewers’ heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output to work out how much energy they were using.


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  1. I honestly don't want to scare myself with horror films. I don't see the point. LOL!

  2. Is this for real? I don't think it'll work for me because I don't like watching scary movies. Why? They're not scary anymore. Most are just gross than scary.

  3. I'd rather lose it the hard way... Oh wait... I think watching horror flicks is the harder way. These are really iconic and scary horror movies.

  4. Really? These can make you lose fat? Haha! I will have to try this though.

  5. I love watching horror films.. But I just learned that I can lost some weight due to watching these kind of movies.. LOL

  6. Haha nice post! Very entertaining and I already know how I'll lose weight with horror flicks: jumping up and switching off the PC! :))

  7. Wow, scare your self to loose weight. Watching movies while loosing weight seems legit, hehe.

  8. First tome to encounter a study like this. I'd rather not watch those films ...will jog na lang every morning.

  9. I'm not really a fan of horror flicks so this is one weight loss tip I'll have to pass.

  10. Yup, the movie here that freaks the daylights out of me if the saw. Its very very scary. Good that you've listed horrific stuff here. I'll add this to my top 10 list reference:)

  11. I love watching horror before but now that I am sometimes alone in the house


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