KFC "Cheese on Top" BURGER FTW!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo from KFC Philippines

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Philippines unveiled late Wednesday its first cheese-topped burger, which drew flak from blogs, online newspapers and Internet users across the globe.

The same company behind the much talked about “Double Down” sandwich introduced the “Cheese Top Burger” which includes a chicken patty and a garlic parmesan dressing.

A slice of cheese is melted atop the bun.

The Cheese Top Burger is available only in the Philippines, and is priced at P50.

“The first and only cheese topped bun burger with KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken patty with rich garlic parmesan dressing. Satisfy your craving with KFC’s new Cheese Top Burger!” KFC Philippines said on its Facebook page.(kfcphilippines )

Comments on the photo ranged from interested to disgusted. Several blogs and online newspapers, meanwhile, called the sandwich “dumb,” “a mistake” and “wrong,” among others.

“KFC has quite literally topped itself in the dumb sandwich department with the introduction of its latest napkin industry tie-in, the Cheese Top Burger,” said Neetzan Zimmerman of Gawker.com.

“You know what they call a fried chicken sandwich with cheese in the Philippines? A royal mess with cheese,” Zimmerman added.

“The cheese is melted on top of the bun, making it impossibly inconvenient as it will require a knife and fork to eat; unless you try to eat it like a tostada,” said Jami McDonald of Examiner.com.

For more info visit KFC Philippines Facebook Page:  kfcphilippines

Link from kfc-rolls-out

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