What Happened To The Old CHARICE PEMPENGCO

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So many speculations that might say that Charice Pempengco is a Lesbian.  Spotted singing during the Local Campaign of the Administration with her new hairstyles that caught surprised by fans and followers with her new look.

With all the meticulous produced photos so
many criticism and even with all doubts dispelled about the singer's identity.  Even her mother Racquel is reportedly not happy with her daughter transformation.

And her new TWITTER STATUS and I quote: "& I'm gwapito. hahaha!!!

photo credit: CharicePhotos via photopin cc

Why do people keep on bullying other people who someone into admitting that he/she is a homosexual and become a national pastime? The fact that our country is conservative country, I guess people cannot accept her new look because they are still on the stage of having Charice as a teeny-booper girl.

To another persona of Charice is not a big issue to me. Who are we to judge her? Charice knows what she's doing. Concerning the issue about her family especially to her mother's great ordeal, I think Charice has to look for an appropriate time to talk and respond privately rather than posting it here on a social media. Her new look changes her outer being but I hope what is in her heart continues to live forever.

Praying for a great intervention of strength to both sides and patch up things that affect family relationships.

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  1. What happened in Charice life is just her own business.Who apreciate her like a awsome singer will do that anyhow,I am one of thesse people who adorate her!In world music her voice is the most powerfull of that moment!Many artists are not just man,or woman,but theyr career are wonderfull.Elton John,Amanda Lear,Freddy Mercurry,George Michael,and evan Michael Jackson was something "different",but they are the best of the bests!So let her alone!Tomorow is her birth day,HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Charice!I love U vary,vary,VARY MUCH!


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