Darla and Alfalfa

Friday, January 11, 2013

Do you remember the two cute love teams of The LITTLE RASCALS the movie?

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"The HE-MAN 'WOMUN' HATERS CLUB" is a club of all boys who hated playing with the girls. But in the other hand, Alfalfa skipped their meeting just to be with the girl named, Darla.


Since Alfalfa's relationship with Darla interferes with the club's rule of forbidding a club member to play with or have a romantic relationship with girls, the other club members try to spoil Alfalfa and Darla's romantic boat ride in hopes of breaking them up. However, their plans fail, and Darla and Alfalfa schedule a romantic picnic in the clubhouse.
Do you remember them now? Asking what happened to them after the movie?

Bug Hall. Appeared in John Landis' The Stupids and the soccer comedy The Big Green. In 1996, Hall was nominated for a YoungStar award (Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Made For TV Movie) for his work as Eddie Munster in the Fox telefilm The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas, and he voiced a little boy in Disney's Hercules in 1997. In 1998, he played the lead as Scout Bozell in the movie Safety Patrol.

Bug Hall also starred in Disney's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves as Adam Szalinski. Since then, he has continued to appear in films as a teenager and young adult. He was in the direct to DVD movie Skipped Parts, released in 2001, with Mischa Barton. He also appeared in 2002 in the Disney Channel's original movie Get A Clue, starring Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song. Hall has had many notable TV guest appearances, appearing on The X FilesCharmedStrong MedicineCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCold CaseJustice, and Providence.

BRITTANY ASHTON HOLMES. She also appeared in the 1996 film Inhumanoid. Holmes hasn't acted since 1996.

Well I love this movie so much. Hope to have another movie about THE LITTLE RASCALS played by our NEW GENERATION of KIDS now.  


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