How to Apply for BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard

Saturday, January 19, 2013

BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard,the card that is reloadable with money and used in buying online and pay bills like a credit card in all affiliated MASTERCARD Stores.

How to apply online for this card?

  • First you have to visit BPI Cards.  Click Apply Now.  Read BPI Prepaid Card Purchase Agreement.  Then below click I AGREE.
  • Select your card type.  In my case, I choose My ePrepaid Indigo Mastercard.

  • Read the text carefully, and answer all the questions for CARD INFORMATION and VERIFICATION.  You have to choose your branch, wherein you can pick-up your card. Here I choose BPI Davao Main Branch located near RCBC C.M Recto Branch.

  • Print and have a copy and bring this form in claiming your card.
  • For GMMA Branches you have to wait at least 5 working days(PHp500) and 7 working days(PHp600) in Visayas and Mindanao after submission of card application.  
Note: GMMA consists of NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Rizal.

What are the requirements to Pick-Up you card?

  • Bring one valid I.D Card, here I present my PHILPOST I.D.  
  • And the printed application form.

In just 5 minutes I have My ePrepaid Mastercard!!!!

I know some of you are applying for this card because it is also one of the card Paypal is asking.

How to link your card to PayPal?
  • When linking your card to your Paypal account make sure your card has a load at least PHp150.  Because Paypal will charge you $1 to link your card to Paypal account and PHp100 when you confirm your card.  But after you successfully confirmed it, Paypal will return your PHp100 to your Paypal account in a form of a Paypal credits.
Steps in linking your card to PayPal:
  1. Sign-up/ Log-in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile
  3. Select Add/Edit Credit Card
  4. Select MasterCard as card type
  5. Enter your My ePrepaid MasterCard details
  6. Click Add Card
  7. Your My ePrepaid Card is now viewable in your PayPal Profile. To finalize linking of your card to Paypal, click Confirm My Card to allow PayPal to send a 4-digit verification code you need.
To retrieve your 4-digit PayPal verification code, please view your Last five (5) card transaction history via BPI Express Online (Card must be enrolled and viewable in your BPI Express Online account's My Portfolio Page) or by sending your request with your 16-digit My ePrepaid Card Number via email to

If you are asking if you can withdraw money from My ePrepaid Mastercard the answer is:

  1. No. You can only use your My ePrepaid Card to fund your PayPal account for purchases, but not to withdraw PayPal funds.
  2. No. My ePrepaid Cards cannot be used at ATMs.
  3. No. My ePrepaid does not have withdrawal functionality.

Update Transaction 1/23/13:

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SAVINGS or CURRENT ACCOUNT with BPI, BPI FAMILY BANK,or BPI Direct, you can still load your My ePrepaid Mastercard using the following channels:

  1. BPI ATM(Deposit/Payment Enclosed-Deposit envelope required)
  2. BPI CAMs/Cash Acceptance Machines
  3. Over-the-Counter Deposit
I choose the later.  After a week I've loaded my BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard.  

So simple,just visit any BPI BRANCH in your town.  Proceed to the BEA terminal or the Branch Electronic Assistant.

Select BILLS PAYMENT as transactions.  Select OTHER MERCHANTS.  Input the 16-digit My ePrepaid Mastercard number as your PREFERENCE NUMBER.  And input the amount you wanted to load. Here I load PHp150 only. Then I confirm my transaction details and select NEXT.  And get my QUEUE NUMBER.

My Queue Number

I sit for awhile and waited for my number, when my number is called I went to TELLER 5 and inform her that I'm loading My ePrepaid Mastercard.  I ask the teller if it is already credited to my card, she answered me as if she doesn't know about My ePrepaid Mastercard. So I went online to check my email from BPI and I see this note below the letter:    

*The amount loaded will be credited to your card the next banking day.

To make sure if the load was posted to my account, I made my BALANCE INQUIRY through MOBILE PHONE(SMS):

  1. Key-in BALEC<space><your 16-digit My ePrepaid Mastercard number>
  2. SEND to 2274 for GLOBE and TM subscribers. Or SEND to 3274 for SMART and TALKnTEXT subscribers.
  3. Then you will received a balance via SMS.  Charged of PHp2.50 per inquiry.

For better assurance you may call BPI Customers Service for faster transactions.


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  1. Wow thanks a lot for the very detailed walkthrough and instructions! This is awesome!

    1. Thanks so much Bacolod Food Hunters.

  2. Does the 600 will be credited to your account?

    1. No, PHp600 is for CARD PROCESSING FEE only. You need to load money again.

    2. They only charge me 350? Why?

    3. Maybe they have change their processing fee, this post is dated 2013.

  3. Hi!
    Please help. Can BPI ePrepaid be also used to withdraw paypal funds to BPI? This post ( says that it is but you should know the brstn code.

    1. Hello, yes you can use that with your Paypal. But you have to encode that first through your Paypal Account. Call Paypal Customer Service for help.

  4. Uhm I just want to ask if the 600php is like an annual fee just like the credit card ones?

    1. For card fees and charges please visit this

  5. Hi,

    1. How do you withdraw your PayPal funds if you link this BPI e-prepaid card?
    2. Did you also link your BPI Savings account?
    3. If yes, what is BPI's bank code for savings account?

    Your answers will greatly be appreciated! :)

    1. For better assistant for your queries please visit

  6. Can you post a step by step instruction on how to enroll my bpi eprepaid mastercard in bpi express online. what to select? I tried enrolling for bpi credit card I dont have a customer no. to input. Thank you so much for your help.

  7. Paypal code for bpi is 010040018. Might as well check out the link below.

  8. Thank you so much for this post! Its so detailed and managed to answer all my questions. Will be using this as guide in applying for this card and paypal. Perfect for students doing online banking. Thanks again.

  9. is this samething like a debit card?

  10. hi can you please help me how to apply it to bpi online? I dont know where will I categorized it and I don't know the costumer number. Please help. Thank you.

  11. Fo they send letter after applying?like a welcome letter or what

  12. Thanks for the wonderful information because I am lost in track I am running in circle
    I like your blog thanks once again

  13. Hello pls help me, how can I withdraw my money at PayPal? Do I need to link another Debit/Credit Card to transfer it or to withdraw.

    Help me pls thank you

    1. Yes Angelica. You need to have an ATM card to withdraw money from your PAYPAL account.

  14. hi can I use this card to purchase an air ticket to an international airlines?

  15. pls help, what if I accidentally send two entries? and they send me a two confirmation... what would i do?thank you

    1. Inform the BPI Philippines about the incident.

  16. Thanks for this detailed explanation. I wish not so much things have changed since u wrote this article.

  17. Is university I.D a valid proof upon claiming it? I also have a BPI debit/savings card. Is that a good proof?

  18. Hi Does The 600 Peso Will Be Credited To Card In Short It Will Be A Balance Or For Charges Only ? Can I Withdraw Money Thru Atm Machines ?

  19. Hi can i also add funds to my paypal account using BPI easy saver card?

  20. hi can i use this card for paying groceries or this card is for online transactions only?

    1. Hello Raymund. You can use this card for paying groceries. But so far, in my case I use this for online transaction. Thanks.

  21. Hi Amaya. BPI has not yet sent me the verification code for 2 weeks now. I did resend my request for 3 times already but with no answer from them.
    I don't have any savings account or atm account to check my transactions online.
    Are there any other ways in acquiring the verification code?

    1. We have the same problem +CharlesCuyugan. Till now BPI website cannot give us solution to our problems.


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