Chilling On Cloud 9

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What does the number 9 mean in the Bible?

  • Manifestation of the Spirit - 9 fruits of the Spirit, 9 gifts of the spirit. 

  How about CLOUD NINE?
  • To be on cloud nine means to be blissfully happy.
ok.... Scientific Meaning of CLOUD NINE:  According to the "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins," the phrase is based on U.S. Weather Service terminology. This theory holds that cloud types are numbered, and that "cloud nine" is the designation given to "cumulonimbus" clouds, the highest-flying clouds around, making them an apt metaphor for being "on top of the world."

When "you're on cloud nine" you feel wonderful ! Like nothing else is really very important. Cloud nine is a fictitious place said to be similar to heaven. This expression means that you are extremely happy, almost in heaven. Hmmm...Heaven????  hehehehehe...  

But for me I am Chilling On Cloud Nine because of this....

see....I love this kind of a NAIL ART.

and to eat my all time favorite chocolate bar...trip trip lang.... CLOUD NINE!


Do you know that eating Cloud 9 chocolate is like eating a cloud. 

A chewy, chocolate-coated caramel-filled cloud. 

Perfectly sized for the average hungry kid, each bar cost 2 pesos in 

the Sari-Sari Store. Which was a steal compared to 'real’ chocolate bars out 

there. The caramel gets stuck between your teeth, the chocolate hangs on to 

the roof of your gums, and the amount of chewing is laborious, but all this 

discomfort is what makes Cloud 9 so comfortingly familiar.

Used to be my snack in school, partner with COKE soft drinks. a song PERFECT COMBINATION.

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