Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In our village there are variety of birds.   Everyday you will hear them chirping especially in the morning, on my window.

But in the first few weeks we find dead birds outside our house.  We couldn't work out what was killing the birds and why they were dying outside our home. We blamed something paranormal.

One day I found a dead bird and during the evening my daughter called me to her room, on the window another dead bird behind it.   
We could see a fine white print of that bird where it had flown into the window to its death.  
The printed residue must have been the natural oils of the feathers - but we wondered if the windows must have reflected the sky and looked like they were holes in the wall for the birds to fly through.
Well mystery still unsolved as of now.  More stories to follow.  I will keep you posted. TIK TAK TIK TAK.

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