The JBC PUBLIC INTERVIEW for CHIEF JUSTICE Supreme Court Position (1st Batch)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Andres Bautista, PCGG CHAIRMAN
1st Interviewee
Top 3 priorities: Human resources; Fix case congestion; Lead by example (accountability, transparency, technology).

Bautista says the next chief justice should be an insider, not an outsider. Rise from the ranks, know the ins and outs of SC.

Soledad Cagampang-De Castro, 
Former Exec. Dir. & Usec., Minerals Development Council
2nd Interviewee

Still trying in terms of promoting gender equality. I am for gender equality.

Writ of Kalikasan is implementing a constitutional policy to protect environment, a role SC should actively pursue

It's one of my objectives - to see if there is also an invisible glass ceiling in the judiciary for women.

On death penalty: If someone did a heinous crime, death will be too merciful, a life sentence is better.

 Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima
3rd interviewee

I submitted a letter to JBC setting forth my arguments that my pending IBP cases not be considered as a ground for disqualification.

Preliminary determination of merit.

I would not have accepted my nomination if I'm not sure with the strength of my character

I will have to have a higher degree of tolerance with regards to the judiciary.

Orders, in order to be worthy of respect, should be those issued considering the rights of individuals.
On defying SC TRO on Arroyo travel: Illegal orders, decisions are not worthy of obedience.

I’d like to think that my being "young" is more of an advantage. I don’t think that my youth would post any disadvantage.

I'll focus on 2 major goals and reforms: To be able to achieve the ideal of judicial independence in its fullest extent.

Academic credentials are not enough to become a chief justice.
It's about character; Judicial, administrative experience not among the qualifications in the Constitution.

De Lima when asked if she would follow SC TRO on GMA if it was unconditional, "I would be in a real dilemma".

DLSU Law Dean Jose Manuel Diokno                
4th interviewee 
 A good legal education would entail not just teaching students the skills needed, but also the values.

We suffer from a lack of judges. 26.9% of our trial courts have no judges. 
I had represented both leftists and rightists and even centrists.
There is a lot to be desired in terms of representing poor litigants. 
Wants better protection for whistle-blowers & an end to flip-flopping in court decisions.
Says there is no central record system determining if those convicted are indeed in jail.
Discussing the need for pre-trials as a way to speed up the judicial system

I would want to make sure that the courts can deliver justice.
"Flip-flopping" affects credibility of SC; Says final decision should be left as is ("leave it and move on").

SC is the highest court in the land and the buck should stop there.

Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza
5th interviewee 
To be worthy of respect, SC must speak in clear and compelling voice in every decision.

My vision for the judiciary is an independent branch of gov't that earns the trust of the people.

When an attorney signs a pleading, it is a certification by him that there is merit in that claim.

I took up the position of Solicitor General because of the challenges it poses.

Opportunity to touch lives of others is satisfying. My 7mos in the Ombudsman has made me a better person, prepared me.

If appointed as Chief Justice, I will inhibit from all cases involving San Miguel Corporation.

 Experience is important but not indispensable in the function of a Chief Justice. 
Atty. Katrina Legarda
6th interviewee 
She cleaned up GSIS law department, organized manpower.

People know the concept of fairness, impartiality.

It wasnt on the list of what I wanted to do but I realized after my nomination, I didnt want to let them down 
If they think I can manage the court, then I stand to be counted with everything that I have.

Corruption in judiciary outrages me; There are honest judges in system, sweeping condemnation outrages me.
The problem now is that all judges are being evaluated based on the same standards.

I would have earlier begged SC to implement Family Courts Act.
The concept of restorative justice will bring back a lot of goodwill in the courts.

We should change criteria for judges, monitor their case load to ensure speedy resolution of cases.

I have always addressed cases from the point of view of those who will be affected the most/ those who don't have counsel.

No regrets in the cases she's handled. 
' I treat people as fairly as possible.'

I felt that the grounds vs Corona are not impeachable, that the impeachment proceedings encroached on judicial independence.

The moral ascendancy of CJ is not among coequals, but those below. I can ask justices to help rebuild SC's reputation.

I hope I can persuade present SC justices that I'm not there to spy on them or report any shenanigans.

Investigation of crimes is so bad that it's easy for a police officer to grab a child off the streets and report him.

LGUs have to be persuaded to build facilities for juvenile delinquents & give them therapy

Same sex marriage not allowed; 1988 Family Code specifically states man, woman as marrying parties.

Sex education is not mentioned in family code as obligation of parents. Problem is we have a high number of child parents.

Many don't understand what sex is. The cloak that veils it is not good. There should be age-appropriate sex education.

 "Yes your honor, use of contraceptives prevents conception. Only when there is conception is the child created"

I don't understand the resistance to a divorce law other than that the Catholic Church doesn't want it passed.

"my position on divorce is its time for us to have a divorce law, not as far as the no fault divorce"

I'd like to be remembered as someone who's always been fair. 

Well done Interviewees and JBC !!!!!
Tomorrow again Charmers. 
See you then.  

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