The JBC PUBLIC INTERVIEW for CHIEF JUSTICE Supreme Court Position (4th Batch)

Friday, July 27, 2012

SEC chairperson Teresita Herbosa
1st Interviewee (4th Batch)

I feel like I have all the qualifications
Give everyone access to the courts, no delay, all cases decided on the basis of merits.

I took part in a UNICEF-funded project on training policemen in handling child-sensitive cases
As pointed out by other nominees, we lack judges. The filing fees should be graduated according to the nature of the case.

There should be an opportunity for everyone to rehabilitate & give back to society.

We should have most special courts to deal with special cases.

Law schools should have courses that train students into becoming judges.
Judges assigned to far-flung areas should be given more budget, hazard pay.

Some judges are not adept in handling estate cases; says judges should also be computer-literate.

Judges themselves should be able to train other judges. There should be emphasis on little-known fields of law.

IBP should start hiring full-time commissioners
There should be a filtering system for cases to be passed on to IBP commissioners. Young lawyers can read the cases.

Her great-grandmother was the sister of Jose Rizal

These are unusual times and may call for the unusual solution of an outsider being appointed as Chief Justice.

Lady Justice represents the underprivileged, including women, children.
For judicial restraint, says the Constitution is adequately worded & intent of the framers should be considered if it is unclear.

She is for SC taking an active role in shaping economic policy
The reason there's perception of corruption in the judiciary is some lawyers overpromise and underdeliver.

The court must be more transparent to fight corruption. Ex.: making public memoranda of both parties

Hermosisima: Do you feel God should give you a partner? Herbosa: I'm used to just be alone.

Everything should be based on merits. The court should implement more reforms to decongest clogged court dockets.

SC has a duty to restrain other Gov't entities when it comes to grave abuse of discretion but shouldn't interfere with other Gov't branches
You can't let personal beliefs interfere in deciding matters especially in evaluating facts of the case, evidence.

Believes candidates for CJ with pending cases should not be automatically disqualified. "You have to look into the merits of the case"

ex-San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora
2nd Interviewee (4th Batch)

Ang ating hukuman ay inaanay. Inaanay ng lagayan, inaanay ng suhulan

Give the poor more in law because they have less in life. The reward for massive reforms is justice for all.

I'd like to see more people getting involved in the law as part of their daily life
If we can double the judiciary's budget in 2-3 years, there will be tremendous improvements in dispensation of justice in PH.

I don't owe anybody a political obligation, a personal favor

I'm an outsider, I've never been in the judiciary, but I can enter it w/certain useful skills from other branches of Gov't

Every decision of every Gov't department is appealable just as, unfortunately, far too many decisions are appealable to SC.

On being a politician: I don't think politics is that far from the judiciary. Both are part of public life.
Tingin ko ang jueteng ay tanggap ng ordinaryong tao

Change the mentality that if they lost a case, the judge was bribed or they've been cheated

We should show judiciary's capital requirements; I'm surprised we're not computerized like law offices.

Marcos cases should be resolved. No case should drag on for 30 years.

Ma. Lourdes Sereno
Associate Justice
3rd Interviewee (4th Batch)

Willing ako to undertake whatever sacrifices necessary to make (my vision for the judiciary) alive.
Ayaw ko ng personalistic na panunungkulan. Gusto ko community-shared vision.

My leadership will be marked by the creation of a generation of judges committed to excellence.
Lahat ng meron tayo galing sa Diyos. Pinanganak po ako na ganito talaga, ganado sa buhay.

"The moment you first accept a bribe (or) render an unjust decision, tuloy-tuloy na yan."
Guiding philosophy as a law professor: "Na napakaganda po ng batas."
Nais kong malaman ng mga Pilipino na ang kinakain nila, kinakain ko rin. Hindi nila masasabi na, 'masyado kang nasa taas.'

Kailangang mamuhay ako sa isang pamamaraan na nakikita ng mga tao na hindi ako magiging corrupt.
Kailangang nakikita na ang quality ng aking trabaho ay napakataas. Ang bawat linya ng aking trabaho galing sa puso, isip.

If it no longer hurts for her to see injustice, then she's no longer fulfilling her oath & not fit to stay.

It all depends on God whom I see from an eternal perspective.

Walang katotohanan na nais kong pahirapan yung mga magsasaka.

Bigla na lang po lumabas yung P10B (na just compensation amount) sa media.

Uniform ang jurisprudence natin. May formula ang just compensation.

Kung outsider ang ilalagay natin, parang nag-appoint ng civilian na mag-head ng giyera imbis na general.
Proposes body of experts which would identify possible conflicts in decisions.

In order to be justice, must be rendered in a credible manner. Judge rendering it must be credible

When we try to render justice, we try to render the work of God which is also justice.

Presbitero Velasco Jr. 
Associate Justice
4th Interviewee (4th Batch)

SC needs a bigger budget for construction of courtrooms, equipment

The independence of our judges who receive allowances from LGUs may be somewhat compromised.

Financial support from LGUs should be placed in a judicial trust fund

He had difficulty deciding whether to accept CJ nomination or not

I realized I have a wealth of experience behind me.

Rule of law & economic growth: We must show foreign investors that court decisions are predictable, uniform, consistent.
A lot of litigants in this country can be considered 'pauper litigants.' There's a big need for legal aid lawyers.

More public attorneys needed to help address delays in cases.

IBP chapters have to create legal aid committees with volunteer lawyers.

Suggests creation of a community legal service where new lawyers will be mandated to serve a community for free for 1 year
Aspiring judges have to undergo training in preparing resolutions.

Napakaganda po ng Writ of Kalikasan. We are trying to encourage litigation for the environment

CHIEF JUSTICE interviews now completed.

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