The JBC PUBLIC INTERVIEW for CHIEF JUSTICE Supreme Court Position (3rd Batch)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

UE Law Dean Amado Valdez
1st interviewee (3rd Batch)
Even if a candidate doesn't pass Bar he can be useful in the community.

Passing the Bar is tough work, a bragging right, but it is not a sad commentary on the legal system of PH.

Every student who graduates, you develop him as a productive asset of the community.

The best can still be better

We need disciplined people for the purpose of economic development.

 "I'm well rounded, I write, teach, manage, walked the corridors of power, met dignitaries etc.".

I have walked along the corridor of powers. I have acquired the confidence of dealing w/ these people.

Weaknesses should not be avoided, it reminds you of your mortality.

I believe we have to empower our judges.

"I'm not just academician, I sit on the board, legal aid, member of Rotary"

"I think it's unconstitutional, don't know why SC imposed that, but maybe SC needs money".

walang magbubuhat ng bangko kundi ang sarili mo.
I think that's pending; It has to be reasonable, should not affect country's coffers.

We should have an inventory of those who have been granted lands from this program if we are able to achieve our purpose.

I wasn't being narcissistic, I was just being passionate in answering the questions.

Novus Ordo Seclorum. A new order of the ages.
You can't be a judicial activist on one hand and exercise judicial restraint on the other. You have to follow the mean.

While the public has a window to proceedings, he has reservations as the process may be trivialized.

My inclination is not to allow foreigners to practice law in PH

Humility is important but modesty could be more appropriate. Sometimes if you overdo humility, it will show weakness

Note: Vicente Velasquez has been disqualified, so next is SC Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio.

Justice Antonio Carpio
Most Senior sitting magistrate of SC

2nd interviewee (3rd Batch)

We have to follow the Constitution; the President has prerogative to appoint anyone in JBC list.

A tradition that CJ be chosen from senior SC justices; Only 1 instance outsider was put in place.

It doesn't mean that because the CJ was impeached, the whole court is also impeached. There is no guilt by association.
He will work harmoniously with whoever is appointed Chief Justice.

"Only one man was impeached not the whole Supreme Court, reforms can be done by someone from within"

They accuse me of being close to Pres.; I'm not. Some even saying I'm not close to the President and I won't be appointed.

"The power to impeach lies with Congress, we can't complain - the constitution authorizes that"

"I've never lobbied with any justice, or visited any in their chambers, I've never approached on any case, even political cases"
If they want to join me in my ponencia, then they join me. That's my policy ever since.

# 1 problem in judiciary: Clogged dockets. I have proposed changes here.

"The objective is only 10% of cases filed go to trial, that's doable, we can filter cases. We've adopted small-claims court too"

"We've prohibited delay tactics like motion to dismiss, postpone. We should expand this to ALL civil cases, cut trial time 50%"

I assure the public that I will continue to be independent; I maintained a consistent judicial philosophy ever since

"I opposed cha-cha of FVR, constitution shouldn't be amended for 1 person - it should be enduring, be assured I respect constitution"

It took me 3 years to be comfortable with the work in the Supreme Court. 
To know the problems in the judiciary, you have to observe it over a period of time.

Do you think you can ever be friends with the former chief justice? | Carpio: Yes, why not?

 SC Assoc. Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro
3rd interviewee (3rd Batch)

The judiciary is not for the weak of heart.

I understand that it's important to reach out to Gov't branches & agencies, to expand perspective & avail of resources.

Public services must be wielded for the common good

I am committed to pursue reforms in the judiciary including access to justice, enhancing institutional integrity.

We try to see to it that the Supreme Court is gender-sensitive.

I will be ready for work if appointed to CJ post.

In our meetings we discuss how to improve the administration of justice, the decongestion of prisons.

Improving case adjudication as main priority; Congestion in dockets already a problem in '70s, until now.

We need to do more; We can do measures to make sure we can speedily dispense justice.

Discussing mediation, small claims court, Katarungang Pambarangay

Judicial system a contributing factor in delays in resolving cases.

Her court will be an independent; integrity is upheld, people have trust, confidence; Members of court as a model...

If I were appointed back then, I hope there would be no impeachment.

SC can utilize the spirit of cooperation of women judges in implementing judicial reform projects.

Hopes more female judges will be appointed, says only 33% of judges/justices are female

SC can utilize the spirit of cooperation of women judges in implementing judicial reform projects.

I understand moral fitness mean not simply obeying the law. You must transcend that, actions should be proper, decent
There should be standard criteria for evaluating judges; We're now drafting it; Many factors to be taken in consideration.

Accountability is not only legal but also a spiritual standard as well.

The Legal Education Board has enough authority to reform our law schools.

Anyone who tells me there's a mass at SC, I attend (when asked about the masses at SC during.

We pray for everyone (during those masses); I think prayer is very good.

I don't see anything wrong w/ being populist, as long as we serve the people; No conflict b/w transparency, populism

In private practice: I've had some experience in handling family law cases; These are cases elevated up to SC.

I have no regrets over any decision. I have never flip-flopped. 
If appointed first female Chief Justice: Would be a great honor, but pressure to prove myself to be worthy.

I'm not in favor of the death penalty; I'm more for restorative justice.

We're being criticized left & right but people should know there are many dedicated public servants in the judiciary.

The court is not as bad as (people) think it is.

Cesar VillanuevaChair, Governance Commission for GOCC5th interviewee (3rd Batch)
The law represents the mind and soul of society

The law constitutes the very essence of man's civilization.

Our nation is at the crossroads; Men & women should show goodwill in the process of selecting CJ.

Being part of the Supreme Court and update the principles of commercial law are important tasks.

I think by requiring MCLE providers a program to let students get better, upgraded courses, it would be more relevant

The SC's education & training arm should be empowered.

I don't consider myself exactly an outsider (cites working with PhilJA, judiciary)
What attracted me to becoming a justice was when I worked at Phil Judicial Academy; Some of the best legal minds there.

Vision for SC: That it becomes more than just a trier of facts, Constitutional court; Becomes a true pillar in PH.

How can people ask for democracy if they are starving?

Being a member of fraternity not really an advantage. However he says it will be a natural way of things
If you're a frat bro, it doesn't necessarily become an advantage. Instead of trying to outlaw them, live with them.

Top 3 priorities: 1) Unite the SC, judiciary 2) Study road map for the judiciary 3) Ease caseloads of judges, justices

If we want to have a quality justice system, the justices should be well-paid.

SC should primarily be a Constitutional court; It should not overburden itself w/ cases, should concentrate on important cases.

On Sharia law (Islamic law): There is an important consideration given to make sure Sharia system develops.

Good Job again. 

JBC ends interviews for July 26. To resume tomorrow, July 27, 9am.

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