The JBC PUBLIC INTERVIEW for CHIEF JUSTICE Supreme Court Position (2nd Batch)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 Associate Justice Roberto Abad
1st Interviewee (2nd Batch)
Our bail system is anti-poor. Only the rich can pay in cash.
Everybody should obey the law; But we should interpret the law to serve 


important is you have personality, ability, character to gain the trust of your colleagues even if you're an outsider.

Justice Abad admits he is a "compromise candidate" for CJ. He is 68, has to retire at 70. PNOY can appoint another CJ after.

Atty. Rafael Morales
Lecturer at UP College of Law

2nd interviewee (2nd Batch)

The chief justice must exhibit managerial skills.

I have been the President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association with the duties I think similar to that of a CJ.

Decongestion ng mga kaso at salary adjustment ng mga mahistrado ang ilan sa mga vision ko kaugnay sa judicial reform
To be a trial lawyer is not necessarily a guarantee that you will make a good justice.

I'm willing, ready, and able to do full-time public service.
I am in favor of making the courts more accessible to litigants.

Reduce filing fees, work for an increase in budget.

I have the ability to respond to clients in 24 hrs. The promptitude to respond to legal matters. 
I do work very diligently for the past 37 years. Excellence is the cornerstone of our law firm.
Top 3 priorities: fill up vacancies, hike salaries to avoid brain drain in judiciary, hike budget allocation of judiciary

Atty. Raul Pangalanan
Former UP College of Law Dean

3rd interviewee ( 2nd Batch )

"Being young can actually turn into an advantage".
The constitution should be reviewed.

JDF a fund beyond reach of other branches of govt; I feel there's a sense fund can be managed more properly.

If impeachment did not occur, no outsider will even be sitting in the JBC interview.

I had 2 terms as dean of a public law school. I know the difficulties of Gov't procedure.
There's a completely separate, distinct political pressure on the courts; Evidence is a court spokesperson post.

We have to strengthen the court for it to stand fast against the political/external pressures.

Will work towards enhancing salaries/benefits of Judges.

At this moment, a CJ should have to rise above the "grayness of reality"
PH first must define the disputed territory - define if island, shoal, etc.; Issue is multilateral, too, he says.

If ever, his court will speak with a clear voice; Try to live up to "loftiest dreams" of '87 Constitution.

Top 3 priorities: 1) Consolidation of institution (after impeachment) at all levels, 2) Administrative reforms in the judiciary - implementing good ideas, reforms,  3) Address question of staff morale, benefits, etc.

"That I was a dean loved by no one except his wife"
Arturo Brion
Associate Justice
4th Interviewee (2nd Batch)

Even if I am or I am not appointed chief justice, I dream of an independent Supreme Court
I dream of a court that can be trusted; fairness, balance... court that is efficient... noted for decisional stability

I'd like to see a judiciary where one rises through merit
The WB program ended June; WB not the only funding agency helping SC, judiciary in their programs.

Math & Philosophy good pre-law courses; Math useful for logic, precise thinking
Graft and corruption is not purely a judiciary problem but a societal problem.

Public needs to be assured that there are no shenanigans within the judiciary
"dream court": I have a plan of action laid out, it's a question of prioritization.

Law is the glue; The Constitution is the glue that binds this nation... court is the guardian, thru rule of law.

The judiciary provides solutions, stability; To my mind, this is a very significant contribution to nation-building.

The clogging of the dockets is a problem of huge proportions; Talagang di maniniwala sa atin ang publiko kung ganun.

High esteem & respect for the court is not something we can achieve through the media.

Accountability - a question of complying; We have been taking steps individually, as court (re: SALNs)

Transparency is not a magic word na lahat nalang ipapakita sa madla.

We have many concerns to think of - concern for the nation, court, individual selves

We could make a mistake if there's death penalty; Says he would prefer reclusion perpetua w/o bail.

I've been in the executive, legislative & judiciary kaya malakas ang loob kong sabihin na there should be cooperation.

Judicial independence and accountability are complementary.

Judicial pragmatist: Hindi ako conservative, hindi ako activist.

 If we want to do it, we can do it.

Rene Sarmiento
Comelec Commissioner 

5th interviewee (2nd Batch)

Cites social justice, human rights has the basis of his judicial philosophy.
Hudikatura na etiko, may moralidad, may katapatan sa rule of law at nagtataguyod ng common good
Judicial activism & judicial restraint must be balanced.

Judicial philosophy; He says he will implement additional Writs
Cites projects, programs that use sharing of best practices w/ other agencies, groups.

Ako ay pabor sa restorative justice. Maghanap ng paraan to rehabilitate. Magiging productive member siya ng lipunan.
"By [rehabilitating] a person through restorative justice, he regains his dignity."

Comelec, PPCRV officials recognize my work during elections
He'll be able to initiate reforms in SC. "Ako ay akma kung pag-uusapan ang pagbabago."

No elections are perfect. But I try my very best to uphold the integrity of the electoral process
Mas maraming makakaintindi kung isusulat sa Filipino ang mga desisyon ng korte.

Sa pag-amyenda ng Konstitusyon: House, Senate should vote separately. Dapat mauna ang Mababang Kapulungan bago ang Senado.

Open to changing Constitution parts pertaining to the economy; Restrictions are outdated due to globalization
A justice should be very careful in ruling cases pending before it.

Malaking pagkakataon para magsilbi
Open to amendments to mining laws "to bring investments provided [they] are properly regulated."

Hindi dapat palitan ang judicial power.
I'm in favor of a constitutional assembly as a mode of amending the Constitution.

Retired Judge Manuel Siayngco

6th Interviewee (2nd Batch)

He retired early as he "stopped dreaming of promotion" & felt he had done enough in the Regional Trial Court.

This [nomination] was totally unexpected. I called up the JBC and asked them, "Nakuryente ba kayo?"
Now I'm dreaming again of entering the judiciary. After the impeachment & people's high expectations, I'm dreaming again.

We're at the Frontlines of the judiciary, receive all kinds of threats; Sentiment of lower court judges: it's unfair.

Lower court judges feel it's unfair there are not enough merit/rewards for them.

I am not an outsider in the judiciary. And as a trial court judge I know the problems of the courts better than many SC Justices.

The fact that I'm here out of 70 in the long list, it's an honor for me to be included in the 20 candidates.

When I retired, I just wanted to enjoy the fruits of my labor. But it's been 7 months, I haven't received any benefits yet.

His edge over other applicants is his background, spiritual foundation, and experience as lower court judge.


Interview ends. Panel interviews resume tomorrow, Thursday, July 26 at 9am.


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